Our Projects: Current, Ongoing, Previous and Future…

Ongoing Hygiene Training. No clean water project is complete without hygiene training. It’s one of my favorite days in the villages because we bring joy to the people by giving supplies and teaching them how to use them. This trip we literally had 4 suitcases packed with hygiene items donated from several amazing people on our recent trip in Fall 2017. Dina Andriamanalina always does such a fabulous job training the people…and he has fun doing it.
Clean water for Ambalafeno, Ambalahambana and Ambohimaha. In July of 2016 we returned to Ambalafeno to troubleshoot the new clean water system. We’re happy to say their new clean water system is now working…we have a couple of finishing touches to add, but they have clean water for this Christmas 2017. The system is a combination hand-pump well for the lower houses and gravity-fed system for the upper homes. Solar power pulls the water up to a large holding tank, from there, the clean water is distributed to the three villages via gravity. Each village has a fountain/spigot, a wash basin and toilet…a nice ceramic squatty potty that is flushable and easier to keep clean. There is also one western-style flush toilet. The waste is cleaned and compostable in three years.
Clean Water For Mananjara: The clean water system for 8 villages and a school was completed in July 2016. It now feeds into 8 villages and a school to nearly 1,600 people. Here is our story:
The church/community building for Ankevohevo: The building was completed in September 2016. Here is our story about that:

We are currently raising money for:

A reliable 4×4 vehicle. Our trips are becoming more frequent, lasting longer and including  more people. Vehicle rental expenses are very high in Madagascar for a not-so-reliable vehicle. We desperately need our own reliable vehicle to do our work efficiently and effectively.

Expansion of Water Project: If the people in Ambalafeno take good care of their new water system, we plan to expand that system to include showers for people and toilets and wash basins for houses in the village but down a steep hill.

Toilets and Wash Basins in Ranomafana: We have been meeting with the mayor of Ranomafana about the potential for adding toilets and wash basins for their town. Ranomafana is a tourist town near a lemur habitat. Although, it’s a popular tourist destination, it needs some basic facilities to help the town thrive. We are hoping to partner with Rotary International on this project.

Children’s Choir: We have an ongoing project with Ankevohevo teaching the kids music, singing and performance. Ankevohevo is a rural villages located not far from a tourist town. The kids sound like choir of angels when they sing, so we wanted to teach them how to perform in the hopes they can provide some entertainment for visitors to the area and earn some money for the village. They are excited about the opportunity. Our Malagasy partner, Dina, is a professional musician and music teacher, so he is having a blast working with the kids. Their first public performance was March 2017. They have since put on a few other concerts. The kids are making good money and the adults are selling hand-crafted items outside the concerts,  making good money that way. We hope they can work their way up to having concerts weekly during the busy tourist season. We have an ongoing need for boy’s uniforms, dresses, and marketing for the concerts etc.