Our Field Team

We hope to expand our field team as we spread the word about the needs of the children in Madagascar. If you’re interested in joining us in Madagascar, please contact Michelle at michelle@gemsofmadagascar.org.

Founder: Michelle M. Rahm

Michelle with cousins Francios and Jacques
My name is Michelle. I am a Christian woman and by trade I’m a GIA-trained graduate gemologist Jeweler.

In June 2014, I was blessed with the opportunity to attend a 3-week mineralogy conference in Madagascar where I toured several mining localities in remote areas of the central highlands. I was so touched by the beautiful children and the extreme poverty in these areas. It was unlike anything I have ever seen before…and I have been to other poor countries.

When I returned home, I simply could not fight the Michelle with Serge and Babyfeeling that God was calling me to return to Madagascar to do mission work there. I had fallen in love with the country and the children and felt the need to return.

So, in October 2014, I decided to follow God’s calling and return on my own for a 5 week journey through the central highlands of Madagascar. Many generous friends, colleagues and family members donated to the cause. Upon reaching Madagascar, I visited four villages and an orphanage, providing clothing and toiletries to over 560 children in the name of Christ.

But I didn’t go to just drop off goodies and leave. On the first day in each village we met with the village chiefs to discuss the long-term needs of the village and learn how we may play a role in making their lives a bit better. My goal is to help these villagers learn valuable skills that will help them improve their lives for a more promising future.

Since then, it’s been amazing to see all the ways God has blessed GemsOfMadagascar.org…and continues to do so. I’ve now gone back to Madagascar several times in the past couple of years to troubleshoot projects. And I’m happy to say, thanks to the generous support of many people and organizations, nearly 1600 people in 8 villages have clean drinking water. And Ankevohevo is enjoying a new church building. We’re looking forward to continuing our work in our adopted villages.

President AbbAkama (GemsOfMadagascar.org Madagascar Branch): Dina Celestin

Dina with our water tech and the fokontany My name is Dina and I love to serve the Lord, so I am blessed with the opportunity to work for GemsOfMadagscar.org by spearheading it’s Madagascar division.

I enjoy my role of managing the projects here in Madagascar, working with the contractors and fokontany and coordinating with the GOM US branch. But what I find most rewarding is spending time with the children…the true gems of Madagascar.

Dina teaching songs in AnkevohevoMusic and service has always been a big part of my life. I grew up singing gospel music in our family singing group, Groupe Celeste, traveling around Madagascar doing benefit concerts for the poor. I also have a degree in Music Technology from Bucks University in London. So I enjoy combining my musical talents with the humanitarian work.

Introducing music brings joy beyond measure and fosters wonderful relationships with the people in these villages. Here I am in Ankevohevo teaching the children some new songs. They are eager to learn to perform for tourists in the area, so I’m excited to help develop their musical talent. I can’t wait to see where this opportunity takes them.